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Unzip to reveal a wipe-clean bib. A handy food catcher is formed when bib is open.

No need for ziploc bags! The wholesale silicone baby Bibs fold into the catcher and zips closed.

Bib features unique combination of comfortable fabric and durable silicone which are easy to wipe clean and are machine washable

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MAKE MEALTIME FUN & LESS MESSY: Our wholesale silicone baby bibs, unlike other plastic bibs, have a wide pocket that catches everything, so you don't have to worry about dirty clothes anymore! They’re easy to wash, too. Since the silicone rubber is waterproof and resists stains, just wash with hot, soapy water or place in the dishwasher. This will save you money on laundry, saves on water and, more importantly, saves you time

Strong neck closure keeps the silicone baby bib secure and is adjustable for comfort as baby grows; great for children 6+ months

· WASHABLE AND WIPEABLE-Our low maintenance, waterproof bibs are made of smooth, stain resistant, fast drying silicone. Wipe clean with cloth, wash using warm.

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