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About the product:

Our wholesale OEM silicone placemat for kids is the go-anywhere mealtime solution, with a non-slip surface and built-in loop closure.

 Just roll the silicone placemat up, fold it in half, then wrap the loop around so it won't unfold in your bag.

 Stylish and Cute:Make your children interesting in eating food;Decorate and prevent stains on your desktop also.

Product Detail

LIGHTWEIGHT & FLEXIBLE: Super slim design so you can roll it up and take it wherever you go for a clean eating surface for your child. Unlike standard silicon mats which are very thick and rigid, our mats can fold into bags, lunch boxes and backpacks without taking up valuable space. 

The wholesale OEM silicone placemat is 100% food grade, BPA-free, PVC-free, and Phthalate-free. They provide a safe and sanitary surface to eat food directly on the mat, great for toddlers and kids. No more worrying about unsanitary public surfaces and spills! Our silicon mats are moisture resistant and waterproof.

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