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The OEM silicone placemats are very flexible. Easy to fold and store in a small space. Great for use while traveling, restaurants etc.

Save time, very easy to clean. Just soap and water or dishwasher. Excellent for daily use.

Just roll the placemat up, fold it in half, then wrap the loop around so it won't unfold in your bag.

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FOOD AND BABY SAFE MATERIAL:Our main concern is the health and safety of our babies. Our top of the OEM silicone placemats are made of premium quality, 100% safe silicone (FDA approved, BPA free, Lead free, and Phthalate free). The silicone placemats are heat resistant meaning you can toss these in the dishwasher for cleaning or simply wipe.

UNIQUE DESIGN THAT MAKES MEALTIMES EASY: Baby mealtime placemats are large enough to handle any space in your babies reach. Our unique cloud shape placemats fit perfect in any highchair and are extremely slip resistant on most surfaces. Every placemat is made with a lifted ridge to keep most spills and small crumbs on its surface. Leave one at home, on your high chair and one in your baby bag!

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