How about silicone products as gifts?

With the development of science and economy, the innovation consciousness and brand consciousness of all walks of life are getting stronger and stronger, people's consumption levels and consumption concepts are becoming more and more diversified, and they are gradually moving toward high-end and personalization, which makes soft gift customization Very popular in the market, silicone gifts and PVC soft plastic gifts also account for a large share of the market.

Some friends saw that the materials of the products were similar and mistakenly thought they were the same. In fact, the two are quite different.
The silicone products made of natural silicone rubber are soft in texture, strong in flexibility and good in feel. The silicone can pass the ROHS environmental protection certification. Regardless of the original color of the product, the residue after burning will be white and the smell of burning is small.
The PVC soft rubber is slightly rough, and the product is hard and non-tough. The ash is black after burning with fire, and the smell is very bad when burning.

Silicone material is mainly composed of silica gel raw materials, color masterbatch, and other chemical elements, which are prepared by mixing and pressing. The required raw materials are extruded and cooled in a mold at high temperature by a hydraulic press.

A good product needs a good design concept to bring consumers the enjoyment of beauty, and it can reflect the unique ingenuity of enterprises and individuals. When designing silicone gifts, the design concept is integrated. The traditional design only adds the name or logo, and the creative design will have both functionality and aesthetics.