Do you know silicone bottle is the best for baby

Do you know silicone bottle is the best for baby?

"My child is 8 months old, what kind of bottle do I use?"
"My child doesn't eat by bottles, what should I do? Is it because of the bottles? Which kind of bottle should I change?"
"Why is this bottle so expensive?"......
I believe many parents have these questions when buying a baby bottle.Lets see how to choose it.
If divided by the size of the bottle opening, therere stand,wide, super wide one.Now most of the parents are choosing the wide one, maybe more and more super wide opening bottles will be welcome.Because the wider the opening is, the more convenient it is to clean and use.
If divided by material, there are plastic, glass and silicone bottles。I think the material is the most important, because it is directly related to the health of the baby. Let's take a look at the difference between the three materials.
No doubt that the plastic bottle is the most convenient one. As it’s very light. And also its quite cheap.But it can only pass 120 degrees celsius. Therefore, the BPA is easily released during high-temperature sterilization process of baby bottles, and the longer it is used, the more it is released.So less and less parents choose it.
Then lets talk about the glass material.Certainly its the safest one.High transparency, easy to clean, corrosion resistance, strong acid and alkali resistance. But the only drawback is: fragile. So its only suitable for 0~4 month babies.As they grow older, children want to touch everything by themselves and also want to hold the bottle by themselves.So glass material wont be safe anymore.Then what should we do? Maybe the silicone bottle can help us.
Silicone baby bottle is lightweight and durable, easy to suck, not easy to aging, heat-resistant, chemical-resistant, not easy to break and also its convenient to carry. The biggest feature is: the material is soft and it feels like human skin. Therefore, the silicone baby bottle has another name called "weaning artifact". Its soft touch makes it easier for babies to accept.Although it will turn yellow and hard If it is used for a long time,its not a quality problem but determined by the character of silicone itself and it wont endanger health and safe .You only need to replace it by a new one after 4~6 months. Therefore,I think the silicone bottles are the best for our babies.